Aude-Valérie Monfort

Simultaneous conference interpretation and written translation in French, English and German.

Consultant for professional services for all interpretation and translation requirements, including:

  • Arranging teams of highly qualified and experienced interpreters with the right language combinations and specialties. 
  • Organising logistic support, including all requisite electronics (simultaneous interpretation equipment), for superior interpretation and translation services at negotiations, conferences and congresses.

Conference Interpreting

  • Extensive professional experience as a simultaneous interpreter of French, English and German
  • Arranging of teams for experienced, reliable interpretation in other language combinations throughout Europe
  • Consulting services for event interpretation and translation support
  • Single point of contact for reliable, professional planning and comprehensive solutions
  • Optimal results assured by professional, co-operative services that meet client needs as well as the requirements for first class interpretation
  • Comprehensive quotes on request include: fees, travel, per diem, equipment rental and transport

Specialised Translation services

  • From English and German into French mother tongue
  • Quality assurance: all work proof-read by qualified translators
  • Specialities in the fields of medicine, plastics and aluminium developed through years of experience and intensive training
  • Considerable experience in many other subject areas
  • Personal library of speciality reference books
  • Independent research
  • Translation services provided in other language combinations and specialities