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La langue maternelle pour mieux se comprendre à l'international

Parlementer, négocier, partager une découverte, tout cela doit pouvoir se faire de manière claire et précise. Rien n'empêche de le faire à l'échelle internationale. N'oublions toutefois pas l'aisance d'expression qu'offre la langue maternelle. C'est pour discuter du rôle de la langue maternelle que les collègues interprètes italiens de l'Association internationale des interprètes de conférence (AIIC) organisent un grand évènement au format hybride le 21 février 2022 (à Venise et en ligne).

New situation - New tools

With the introduction of interpretation platforms to further organise international multilingual events in Corona times, many new tools are used to communicate before, during and after the conference. Here is an example: My interpreting team receives client's feedback via Miro.

Zoom, Skype & Co - Overview and comparison

Organizing an online meeting or a webinar requires a virtual meeting place. When the event is organized by a third party, we have to join the group at the location chosen for us. Just like when we accept a physical invitation, we meet at the venue chosen by the person who has invited us. In both cases, physical or virtual, we find our way to the location and adjust to the setting.

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L'interprétation à distance est-elle possible ?

Une réalité nouvelle de l’interprétation de conférence. Possible à condition que la technologie et l’encadrement technique soient au point. La formule „hub“ qui regroupe les interprètes en un même lieu permet de maintenir le travail en équipe, indispensable pour un bon résultat.

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Responsibility of Religions for Peace



"Thank you very much for your outstanding work during the conference „Responsibility of Religions for Peace“! We received very positive feedback from the participants as well as from our colleagues from the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs. By your work you have facilitated the excellent conversations and dialogues that we had."

Dr. Silke Lechner
Stellvertretende Leiterin des Arbeitsstabes Friedensverantwortung der Religionen



SLIs at the AIIC Regional in Hamburg

SLIs at the AIIC Regional in Hamburg

Round Table with Sign Language Interpreters at the AIIC Germany Regional Meeting in Hamburg


In the interest of narrowing the knowledge gap between sign and spoken language interpreters, Aude-Valérie Monfort, founder of the AIIC Sign Language Network, organised a roundtable discussion at the AIIC Germany Regional Meeting meeting in November 2016.

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3 modalities, 3 languages, 6 professionals: One team

An example of best practice in composing and coordinating a mixed team of sign language interpreters, spoken language interpreters and speech-to-text-reporters.

The L'ADAPT conference which took place on 13 November 2014 at the European Parliament was an event so rare that it is worth mentioning: Two sign language interpreters (SLIs), two spoken language interpreters (sLIs) and two speech-to-text-reporters (STTRs) worked together in a team recruited and coordinated by Aude-Valérie Monfort.

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