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Overview of my areas of expertise and the sectors I work in

In addition to my languages (FR, DE and EN) and interpreting skills (consecutive, simultaneous, negotiating, whispering, remote interpreting) my specialist fields also play a key role. Here is an overview of the diversity of my skills:


Fachgebiet Automobil

Technical training courses,
dealer conferences


Fachgebiet Industrie

Aluminium - Mining - Plastics - Steel – Civil engineering

Technical training courses, DIN standards committees, specialist seminars, site inspections

Agriculture – Food Products

Fachgebiet Landwirtschaft - Lebensmittel

EU - FAO - GAP – garden and landscape design - cocoa – dairy production – crop protection

Medicine - Pharma

Fachgebiet Medizin / Pharma

Orthopaedics – Surgery – Operating theatre equipment – Diagnostic imaging

Training courses for surgeons and physicians, medical congresses

Politics and International Relations

Fachgebiet Politik und internationale Beziehungen

German Foreign Office – Federal ministries – German parliament – Franco-German Youth Office – Private sector

Summit meetings, bilateral meetings, international association meetings

Law and Trade Unions

Fachgebiet Recht und Gewerkschaften

German Federal Administrative Court – International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) – Academy of European Law (ERA) – German Federal Labour Office

Conferences and training courses for lawyers, European Works Councils


Fachgebiet Technik

Violin making – Antiquarian booktrade – Urban planning – Simulation technology – Telecommunications, etc.

Conferences, translation of manuals, product catalogues and websites

Environment, Development and Cooperation

Fachgebiet Umwelt, Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit

COP23 – OSPAR – United Nations – World Bank – NGOs and government agencies

Africa, Asia, Latin America

Aude-Valérie Monfort

Schussgasse 9
D-53332 Bornheim

+49 (0)177 25 08 592
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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